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Observation of New Stork's Nest in Holtorf

Information about the new storch's area on this website

After the end of the EU supported Natura-TV EU-LIFE Project, the internet streaming of the high quality camera data of VVND Dettenheim stopped.

Internet observations showed that the new installed facilities by Heimatverein Holtorf are very promising for the efforts to collect online information about the life-cycle of storch's in Germany at present time.

The map at the left side gives an overall geographical impression for the Holtorf location. At the right side links to areas of interest are given, including a first snapshot of the nest.


  • Map with more details for Location Holtorf
  • Link to website Heimatverein Holtorf
  • Das Storchennesttagebuch
  • Die Chronologie zum Storchennestaufbau
  • Die Story vom Holtorfer Storchennest

    ---- Begin 03.04.2021 ---- ==>Video (120 Sec)
    Bilder vom Nest:







    Video clips
    Erste Aufnahme 31.3.21 (120 Sec)
    01.04.2021 Erste April 2021 (189 Sec)
    06.04.2021 April Schnee (95 Sec)
    06.04.2021 April Schnee II (150 Sec)
    13.04.2021 Begrüßung am Abend (191 Sec)

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